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Futurity First opened its doors in 2008. Since then, Futurity First has grown to include a nationwide network of wealth advisors, investment specialists and financial representatives specializing in the financial security and income planning needs of families, businesses, pre-retirees and seniors. Backed by experts in marketing, training and comprehensive back-office support, Futurity First helps professionals take their business to the next level. Combined with an unparalleled choice of products and investment solutions, advisors at Futurity First are truly able to offer their clients care over convenience.

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Your Practice Unleashed

Futurity First’s robust advisor platform allows you to focus more of your time doing what you love — helping your clients and being an advisor.


With Futurity First’s hybrid career distribution model, you’ll have access to thousands of products from over 80 carriers to ensure your clients have the best health and wealth solutions for their needs. Welcome to the future of career distribution.


Allow your business to reach its full potential with a multitude of training opportunities. Local, national and carrier training opportunities are offered to advisors from day one.

Compensation & Recognition

Not getting paid what you’re worth? Aggregated commissions and weekly paid production bonuses allow you to get paid on all of your production, not just one product at a time.


Our proven marketing systems allow you to double or triple your income. We’ll help you design a perfect mix to help you meet new prospects, cultivate your existing client base and take your practice to the next level.

Strategic Partnerships

Feel like there’s a ceiling on your business? Build your book of business and reach new prospects with Futurity First’s strategic partnerships including property and casualty, voluntary benefits, and 401(k).


Don’t spend your time and money on renting office space, hiring your own staff, or paying for expensive software. We have all of that. The only thing missing is you. Our support team will take your cases from submission to commission and allow you time to focus on what you do best.


Are you winning with technology or competing with it? Futurity First’s winning software solutions allow you to effectively manage your practice while putting your clients first.

Financial Advisor Solutions

Your clients deserve to have access to valuable financial planning services and technology. That's why Futurity First has partnered with Securities America and Futurity First Wealth Management to provide planning and wealth management platforms to your clients in order to help them make the most out of their retirement.
Meet Paula

Agent Testimonials

Paula Jewkes earned $210,000 in her first year in the insurance industry. Hear her story and learn how she gained financial freedom for her family with Futurity First’s advisor platform.

Feeling stuck in your current career agency?

At Futurity First, we’re more interested in helping you build your business. Futurity First gives you the opportunity to vest in your clients and renewals. It’s your business. You build it. You should have the opportunity to own it.

Who are you building your business for?

If you don’t own your clients, the unfortunate truth is you are building it for your RIA or Broker Dealer. Futurity First is different — you own your investment clients from day one. Plus, with wealth management and insurance all on one platform, Futurity First gives you and your clients one-stop access to solutions for all their retirement and investment needs.

Looking for the ultimate platform to grow your team?

Scaling your business is hard if you don’t have a team to back you up. When you plug your business into Futurity First’s unique platform, you immediately add to your value proposition, making it easier for you to recruit and making the agents you have more productive. The bottom line? You still own your business, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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Is running your practice running you ragged? Does your career company have you in a box? What’s stopping you from making the change you want to see in your practice? Change can be scary but missing out on the opportunity to join the fastest growing career distribution model in the industry is even scarier. Meet Futurity First.

We’re growing. And we’re looking for individuals to help us expand our Futurity First nationwide network.