Mike Fargnoli is an industry expert. He’s won numerous GAMA Diamond/Platinum awards as well as the highest recognition given from Mutual of Omaha as both an Agent and a Manager. While Mike is proud of those honors, he’s most excited about what he’s doing today with Futurity First.

Mike is heading a group of new offices with one goal in mind, dynamic growth. He believes that building a team of skilled and passionate advisors combined with a wide range of top products and carriers will provide unprecedented opportunity for everyone involved. The key, according to Fargnoli, is matching customer, product and advisor. He teaches people to fine-tune their approach to the industry and take advantage of those products best suited to their client base. Mike also has the business savvy to offer marketing tools that help advisors reach prospects in the most effective way. As a result, Fargnoli has enjoyed watching both new and experienced advisors grow and produce more than they ever thought possible.

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At Futurity First, we want to make sure you receive the attention and service you need as soon as you require it. Even if you already have insurance, it’s a good idea to re-assess your coverage. Our community-based agents provide an objective review of your needs making sure you have the right coverage for your family or business. Let’s talk.

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