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About the South Florida Office

The advisors and directors of the South Florida Office are excited and motivated to present our “first in class” products and services to benefit our clients and community in a positive manner.  “Planning for today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams” is our culture as we positively influence financial and retirement peace of mind, one client at a time. 

We also understand that the world today is drastically different from that of the past and, as our nation struggles to prepare for retirement, we must present a drastically different planning approach.  We are wealth accumulation and wealth distribution specialists and we can provide the best approach to your retirement. 

44% of the U.S. population will outlive their income*. Do you have a plan in place to prevent this? We do! Talk to us about creating a supplemental tax-free retirement income.    

The need for long term care - at home or in a facility - is 75%!** That means 3 out of 4 people will require these costly services. Will your income support this care?  Are your assets protected? We can help! We work with top-tier carriers to provide the care you will need and protect your income and savings.   

Do you have adequate life insurance to protect those who depend on you? We can guide you through the types of policies and can get you the best rates with the highest rated carriers.    

Do you understand your risk tolerance? We do. We are safe money specialists. We represent carriers that offer Guaranteed Lifetime Income with no risk to principal….EVER. When it’s time to rollover an existing 401K or IRA, let us help you. Our plans allow you to participate in the upside gains of the market with NO downside risk, ensuring a long and risk-free retirement.   

We are available to meet with you at your home or at our Coral Springs office. We can also provide free educational workshops on a variety of retirement planning topics for you and your team.

Customer First. Community First. Futurity First.