Kristen Patterson

Kristen Patterson

Futurity First Mid-Plains - Omaha

2637 S. 158th Plaza, Ste. 230
Omaha, NE 68130
Phone: 402.677.0380

Kristen Patterson checks all the boxes when it comes to being a great financial planner:

     ✓ Skilled and Knowledgeable

     ✓ Experienced

     ✓ Knows her way around a jackhammer
     (she knows what it is to work hard for a

Kristen has been in the industry for a decade and approaches each client with their future needs in mind. She looks forward to working with people over their lifetime and takes great pride in helping others understand strategies for securing their financial future and seeing the benefits of their planning.

Kristen has seen the effects of poor planning and great planning first-hand and she is passionate about making sure people are prepared for whatever life throws at them.

Kristen’s top tips for financial planning:

  • Start as early as possible, but know it is never too late.
  • You do not need the “big bucks” to see a good planner.
  • Ask a lot of questions.
  • Learn about the power of compound interest.
  • Review your plan at least once a year with a qualified and caring professional.
  • Have strategies for both accumulation and distribution. There’s a big difference between pre-retirement and living well once you have stopped working.

Community Connections

  • NAIFA member
  • Centersphere
  • West O Chamber
  • Omaha Jaycees
  • Passionate volunteer for groups related to fighting cancer

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