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About Futurity First Insurance Group.

Futurity First Insurance Group is a nationwide, independent, career agency distribution organization specializing in the financial security and retirement needs of families, seniors, small businesses and the self-employed. Launched in January 2008, our mission is to provide our customers with the professional services of a community-based career agent, a solution-based process to address their specific needs, and a choice of top-quality products from some of the leading insurance companies in the life and health insurance industry.

We may be new, but we’ve been around the block.

We know what kind of image our industry may call to mind. And how, over the years, some insurance agents may have created that negative image.

Even today, in the most challenging economy in generations, you still could find yourself with an insurance agent who claims to understand all your needs in a single appointment, or one who isn’t knowledgeable in more than one kind of insurance, or worst of all, one who’s only interested in selling you the product that will net the highest commission.

Those kinds of insurance agents are out there. You just won’t find them here.

Experienced agents, expert advice, extraordinary service.

A nationwide company with locally-based branch offices , Futurity First attracts trained, experienced insurance career professionals who truly believe in putting their customers’ needs first. Then we partner with leading insurance industry names to offer best-in-class insurance products.

Together, we are reinventing the insurance business — objectively educating and empowering customers to understand their needs, and working closely with them to provide coverage that is thoughtful, customized and focused on their financial security for years to come.

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